Hey everyone!

My name is Madii!  I’m super excited but super nervous to be launching my website! I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m sooooo happy that the day has finally come!! I had asked on my Instagram on a poll to see if you’d be interested in reading a blog all about my (somewhat) crazy life!

96% of you said you’d be interested, and that really means a lot! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for so long now so I’m so overjoyed to be sharing this with all of you!

I live in BC Canada, I love adventures and all things nature and food!

On this blog I’ll be posting about life, love, recipes to delicious dishes, DIY’s, and much more.

Here’s 21 facts about me to start off this crazy journey I want to share with all of you;

1. I’m a mama to a beautiful little boy

2. I had my son at 18 (I was 19 two months later)

3. I’m a certified wedding consultant

4. I’ve seen 50 First Dates a trillion times

5. I’m a sucker for chocolate chip cookies

6. I like to hike

7. I drive a standard

8. I’ve gone to NYC and I hope to go back one day

9. I was in dance for 3 years

10. I grew up in a small town

11. I have two older brothers

12. One day we’ll build our own home

13. I wanted to go to school for interior design

14. I love Pinterest, I’m on it almost all day

15. Jillian Harris is my number one inspiration

16. I’ve watched Family Guy 4 times through.

17. Carnations are my favourite flower

18. I hope to one day have my own event planning company

19. I’m a homeowner

20. My favourite colour is forest green

21. I’ve been dating J since 2013 (my grade 9, his grade 12)









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