Having a one year old – Being a young mother


When people say your children grow up fast, they were not kidding.

I kept telling myself that it wasn’t going to go fast and that a year would go by slow… boy was I wrong.

March 12th 2017 was the day that changed my life forever.

That Sunday afternoon,  my son was born into this scary, crazy world, but I’ll leave his birth story for another post.

I’ve learned so many things being a young mother…  One being; I get so many strange looks when I’m out in public with him. People judge young moms like crazy.

Second; If I’m out with my parents… strangers seem to think that my son is theirs!

Third; You have to put others first

Fourth; You can’t forget to take care of yourself

Fifth; Keeping yourself calm helps keep the baby calm… They can tell if you’re stressed out and it makes them more stressed out.

Life with a one year old is many things. It’s waking up through the night to soothe an upset, sick baby. It’s lots of laughter, play, tears (good and the bad) and it’s by far the most overwhelming, adventurous thing that I will probably ever do.

Growing up, people would always tell me that having kids wouldn’t be fun the whole time, this is true. On social media, a lot of parents don’t show the ugly side of parenting. Being a mother or father can be messy. It can be disgusting at times, but I’ll leave that to your imagination….

I never thought that when I was 3 months out of highschool that I would be starting the scariest journey of my life.  I had always told people that I wanted to start a family when I was 23 years old, and they all thought that was way too young.  I was the first person out of my graduating class to become a mom.

I’m glad I was able to become a mother so young, I have the energy to chase my son around and I can (somewhat) live off of 5 hours sleep.

This past weekend we had Benjamin’s first birthday party.. enjoy some photos from our little mans special day.


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