30 by 30 – Bucket list

I want to travel the world, experiencing different cultures as well as conquering some fitness goals & career goals.

This list consists of 30 things I want to do and places I want to see before I’m 30. 10 years to complete most or (hopefully) all of these. Most are travel goals but some aren’t!


What are some items on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments 😀



1) Travel to France!

2) Complete Tough Mudder

3) Have another child

4) Pay off all our debts

5) Scuba dive!

6) See Italy and Spain

7) Go on an airplane alone

8) Partner with a big company

9) Relax in Chile

10) Skydive? I’m not so sure I want to do this but it definitely interests me


11) Travel Alaska!!

12) Write a recipe book!

13) Own a dog

14) Have my own company

15) Thailand!

16) Build a home/Plan for one

17) Be a successful blogger

18) Have 8 hours of uninterupted sleep, lol

19) See New York (I went in 2014 and want to go again!)

20) Meet Jillian Harris


21) Pet a kangaroo

22) Hold a koala

23) Go on a cruise

24) Be fit!

25) Sail a sail boat (I did once when I was way younger but I don’t remember)

26) Take a business course

27) visit Greece

28) visit Scotland

29) visit Norway – J’s family is Norwegian!

30) Get a tattoo!

4 thoughts on “30 by 30 – Bucket list

  1. Great list! I also can’t wait to be debt free (stupid, student loans) and I’d love to go to Alaska as well.


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