Keeping a healthy mind, body & soul

Let’s talk about health for a minute.

Our health is a pretty huge part of our lives. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to stay healthy and keep on track with a diet for some. For me, I’m up early, cleaning & chasing a toddler around the house. Making lunches, changing diapers and dealing with tantrums, tears, and dirt everywhere

As a mama, it can be challenging to prioritize my health. During the day, if Ben naps, he’s usually asleep on me. Rarely if he lets me put him down for a nap then I spend that time cleaning more or doing laundry etc. 5:00 pm comes around and it’s time to make dinner, do dishes and probably fold some more laundry. It’s difficult for me to find some time to go to the gym or do a workout at home. But, it’s not all about working out. Keeping your mind and soul healthy is very important as well, whether that mean you have some alone time or just sit down and read a good book.

Being healthy mentally is so important. Having a healthy mind affects how we feel, act & think. If I’m not mentally healthy, it makes it so much more of a chore to be physically healthy.

As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying a nice hot bath with tea, a candle, and even a cupcake! How often does that happen? Let’s be real. I do sometimes get to have a bath, but it usually includes getting splashed by Ben, whether he’s in the bath or outside of it.

Having a stressful day at work or at home can sometimes bring the stress into friendships or relationships, not a good thing! Keeping your mind and body healthy is absolutely essential, although I know it can be tough a lot of the time.

Here are 5 things that I try to stick to to have a healthy mind, body &

soul :

1. Stay active – This is so so so important. Being active is not only good for your body and health, it’s good for your mental health. Regular exercise helps release feel-good endorphins. Keeping a good diet & regular exercise is such an awesome way to help your body and mind feel better.

2. Sleep! – I know, it’s easier said than done, believe me. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” LOL, yeah right! Having a good 8+ hours of sleep every night is one of the best ways to have more energy.

3. WATER! Drink lots and lots of water. Fill up a water bottle (or a jug like I do) and carry it around with you all day, drink it all and refill. Having a glass of water right after you wake up and before bed helps as well! The recommended amount of water you should drink about 9 (for men) – 12 (women) cups of water each day or more if you’re regularly active.

4. Find a hobby – having something to do during your free time (If you have any) is such a great way to de-stress and it lets your mind focus on something else for a while. For me, I love blogging! It’s a way for me to relax at the end of the day or while Ben is napping. Having a hobby, whatever it may be, is good for your body and mind!

5. Make the bed in the morning – Doing this simple task makes me feel so much happier. It doesn’t matter if I have laundry on the floor, having the bed made makes my room look tidier and less crazy.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, it’s so important.

5 thoughts on “Keeping a healthy mind, body & soul

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I have 3 kids and just getting to go to the grocery store on my own feels like a vacay. I agree it is hard to find time for yourself but it’s important to schedule it in. These are some great tips on how to do that! Thanks for sharing.

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