MonthOctober 2018

Gender announcement: 21 weeks

Hey everyone! I made a poll on my Instagram yesterday asking what gender you think our second baby will be, 77% said girl and 23% said boy. Today, I had a friend take some awesome photos of our gender announcement. Take a look at her Instagram and Facebook accounts for some cool photography! Our second sweet baby will be a…… GIRL! We’re so excited to be bringing a little girl into our lives in Feb/March! I’ve always dreamed of having […]

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Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here in Canada we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, although our American neighbours celebrate in November.  This year, we are having our family over at our house (on Sunday) and we’re all cooking yummy food together and spending the day listening to fun music & doing a puzzle! (Didn’t last long with Ben trying to eat all of the pieces!) Instead of just one person making, we each do a dish or two. It’s nice to […]

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September favourites!

Another month has passed and I have no idea where it went?! It seems to me that the months are going by faster and faster, it’s good in some cases but then I realize my son is growing so fast and my growing belly is getting bigger and bigger! I forgot how crazy pregnancy is, the female body can do some incredible things! A couple of these favourites on here are really helping me with my pregnancy, meaning number 2 […]

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