Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here in Canada we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, although our American neighbours celebrate in November. 

This year, we are having our family over at our house (on Sunday) and we’re all cooking yummy food together and spending the day listening to fun music & doing a puzzle! (Didn’t last long with Ben trying to eat all of the pieces!)

Instead of just one person making, we each do a dish or two. It’s nice to have everyone chip in! This year, my father in law is bringing the turkey, me and J are doing a stuffing and an apple crumble, my mother in law is doing a tabouli and mashed potatoes, my mom and brother are bringing a salad and roasted veggies and my father is bringing the wine and some drinks for me (No booze for me!)

Thanksgiving is probably my favourite holiday! Being able to get the family together and all enjoy a homecooked meal is an awesome feeling and I am so grateful I have this family. 

Another thing I love about this holiday is the chance to decorate and set the table all pretty-like. If you know me, I love trying different centerpieces and table settings, it brings me happiness, lol

For our second Thanksgiving dinner on Monday I was asked to bring a salad! I also made some pumpkin tarts to go along with dinner. We ended up having 4 desserts total, pumpkin tarts, pumpkin pie, a pumpkin sticky toffee pudding that my cousins made (sooo delicious) and a cheesecake too!

This year I feel extra grateful and blessed for the wonderful people in my family and for all the food we had on our plates.

What are you grateful for this year?

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