Our wedding day

I’m so excited to be writing this!

On October 27th 2018, I married my best friend. We met in 2013, had our first child in 2017, bought a house, we’re expecting our second child and we just got married! It’s been a crazy 5.5 years and I’d do it all over again, in a heartbeat!

We got engaged only a month before we had our wedding! Crazy isn’t it. I knew right away who I wanted as my witness and who J was going to ask as well. My witness, Haylee, has been a friend of mine for many many years, she has been there for me through everything and I couldn’t be more thankful. J’s witness has also been a friend of Jaspers for many many years!

We were so blessed to be able to have our ceremony at the venue I work at, Maple Grove. We had a small and intimate wedding ceremony with just our parents, my brothers, grandparents and a couple of really close friends. Nothing crazy and nothing expensive. After-all, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding.

Let me start off by saying that no matter how long you have to plan a wedding it can be stressful! Whether it be 18 months or 8 weeks, it’s not always easy and things can always go wrong!

Weddings can be simple and inexpensive, or super extravagant and costly. We knew we needed to keep our budget small and the wedding super simple.

Rings, dress, suits, ceremony, reception, makeup, hair, decor etc.. there’s a lot that goes into a wedding, even if you keep it pretty ‘low key.’

Here’s everything we planned, broken down into weeks to give you an idea!

5 weeks prior: 

  • Set a date and ceremony location
  • Contact commissioner
  • Pick our witnesses (best man + maid of honour)

4 weeks prior:

  • Find a dress
  • Order invitations
  • Find a reception location
  • Order suits
  • Order shoes (one for the ceremony and one for reception)
  • Order cake topper
  • Pick our rings
  • Find photographer
  • Order cake

3 weeks prior:

  • Bring dress to get hemmed
  • Get special events permit
  • Order alcohol

2 weeks prior:

  • Dress fitting
  • Buy and organize decor
  • Makeup trial
  • Figuring out what goes where for the reception
  • Put together a Pinterest board for photography ideas for our special day

1 week before:

  • Order bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Put together an ‘Emergency Kit’ for the special day
  • Buying last minute decor items
  • Pick up suits
  • Eyelash and nail appointments
  • Make a playlist

Day before:

  • Nail appointment
  • Set up venue
  • Pick up alcohol
  • Pick up last minute decor items

Day of:

    Pick up flowers + Snack trays
    Hair, makeup
    Getting dressed (this took a while)
    Walk down the aisle!

Things do go wrong, and I’ll tell you from personal experience. Two days before the wedding, my mom got a phone call from the reception venue and they had double booked us! As you can imagine, I was extremely upset.. where could we have it on such short notice?! We came up with a few ideas but luckily there was a hall available for that day!

*Always make sure you check if there’s already a booking for that day! Even if they say there isn’t, just double check LOL

On the day of, some things went wrong, miscommunications mostly but all ended well and we enjoyed our day and we were so happy to be surrounded by our friends and loved ones.

I was extremely blessed to have such an amazing support system throughout all of this. With the venue changing last minute, we had to rethink the whole layout, where to put all the tables, chairs and how we could do our decor. I think that the new venue was better in the long run as it was more spacious and bright!

If you’re planning a wedding, try to give yourself and your guests a little bit more time than 5 weeks to plan it all! Although we were able to pull it off, a lot of people weren’t able to make it because of the short notice!

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  1. I’m so proud of you and your beautiful family. I’m so happy you’re a part of my family, and I can’t wait until I get married and can hire you to plan it lol!

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