Christmas dinner party how to

Happy December everyone! I love when it gets close to the holidays, all the stores are putting out Christmas decorations, people are singing Christmas carols and maybe even the first snowfall!

Last year I hosted a Christmas dinner party for a few friends! I had cooked a turkey and asked my guests to bring a dish to share! We started the evening off by having some yummy appies and then dinner, followed by more snacks.

I had made up some ‘goodie bags’ if you will, filled with some small Christmas gifts, bath bomb, lip balm and some cozy socks! Safe to say they were a hit 🙂

Hosting is fun, especially when your guests are all in the holiday spirit!

How to put together a Christmas party?

-Invitations; you can either make up fancy invites through Vistaprint or just on your computer and print them out! I, however, made a Facebook event to invite my friends. I think having a Facebook event makes it easier, just in case you need to change details or make an announcement to the whole group!

-Food; I like the idea of having a potluck dinner! Basically, you get your guests to each bring a dish of their choosing. Salad, roasted veggies, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, you name it! It’s a fun way for your guests to be more included and definitely easier on the hostess!

-Decor; I love decor! For this holiday dinner, I knew I wanted to have a festive table, but simple. I took a trip to the dollar store and picked up white plates with a gold rim, and had some beautiful yet simple flowers as a centrepiece

This year we are hosting a Christmas dinner party but this time with my husband’s friends too. I’m so excited to host a second Christmas dinner party! It’s such a fun way to bring close friends together, enjoy some delicious homemade food and laugh the night away!

Our Christmas dinner party was a lot different than last years, instead of hosting about 6, we hosted 12! It was interesting fitting that many people into our small home but we pulled it off and it was successful! We spent the night eating good food, laughing & enjoying a few games.

Happy holidays everyone, and happy hosting!

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