Ringing in the New Year; Goals I want to achieve

Happy January everyone! Every year we hear “New Year, new me” when it comes close to the end of December. I also try to make resolutions for the new year to come, but I can never truly stick to it and to my resolutions. This year, I wanted to make a post of the goals I hope to achieve throughout the year, with no real timeline.

1. Reduce the amount of waste in our household 

Why: Over the last year, I’ve been wanting to reduce the amount of garbage we produce as a family. After watching a lot of documentaries and seeing articles on landfills and especially all of the pollution in our oceans, it really made me want to change our habits within our home.

How: I love buying fresh produce, but I hate using multiple plastic bags at the grocery store. I went on Amazon and bought these awesome mesh bags for my produce and bulk foods. By doing this, I cut down the amount of plastic bags I bring home and throw into the trash. I also say no to more plastic bags at the til for our meat products, which really helps!  We recycle and compost in our home, which truly cuts down the number of items we put into the garbage. By having separate containers for our recycling, soft plastic, food scraps and garbage, it’s an awesome way to reduce waste. One thing I hope to start doing in 2019 is shopping at stores with less packaging, like Bulk Barn! The amount of plastic wrapping that most products have is insane and usually unnecessary.

2. Get fit + Live a healthy lifestyle

Why: This is actually very important to me! After I have our second baby (due in March) I really want to get more active and get fit! I think having a healthy and active lifestyle makes your brain healthier and obviously boosts your confidence level. As of now, I have had a tough pregnancy and caving into my cravings waaaayy too much. I know that after I have my daughter and am able to work out again that I want to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be for my own good and for my children.

How: I know sometimes it’s not easy to start being active after being out of a routine for so long, but that’s usually the best time to start. Before I got pregnant the second time I was going to the gym and trying to change my eating habits. Once I got pregnant I wanted to have an active pregnancy and be in good shape throughout the next 9 months, and boy did I fail in that. I would cave into my cravings and I wouldn’t be going out for the walks I should’ve been or doing workouts like I wanted to. I have been extremely lazy this pregnancy which has an effect on my mood and my eating habits. Starting now I will be working towards eating better, more fresh veggies and healthy fats, no more chocolates or potato chips! I want to be the healthiest version I can be as well as being a role model for my children.

3. Be more in the moment 

Why: Over the last few years, mostly since getting into social media, I have felt myself losing touch with ‘the real world.’ I’ve been thinking lately about how much the internet can bring us together and how it’s such an awesome thing, but at the same time, I feel that it can tear us apart as well. With all of the bullying and different types of platforms, we really forget that there is a whole other world outside of technology. I want to be more in the moment, especially when I’m raising my children, I want them to experience outdoor fun and not being infront of the tv screen for hours a day. Playing outdoors, getting muddy, learning about nature is very important for children when they are growing up and developing their brains.

How: Limit tv time, although as a stay at home mom it can be tough to get things done with a child running around tugging at your legs all day, I will admit, turning on a movie for the little ones definitely makes house chores a little easier. Coming up with fun activities to do with the kids is also a great idea. Me and Ben love making hot wheels tracks in the kitchen, playing with playdoh or colouring/painting pictures! Not only does this expand their minds, but it creates some awesome one-on-one time. For myself, I want to limit the amount of time I sit on my phone scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and really pay attention to whats going on around me. Putting the phone down and going for a walk, reading a book or going to the park is something I want to do more of this year!



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