Pretty in pink; baby shower

This past weekend I had a baby shower for me and my soon to be born baby girl! I love planning events and organizing details, picking decor and figuring out a menu etc..

Back in 2017, I had my sons baby shower planned for when I was 36 weeks but we ended up meeting him at 35 weeks! We had pushed the shower date until his actual due date, that way we had some time to spend with him and get back to normal a bit. Preferably, I opted to plan it for 32 weeks this time, it seems much easier than having a newborn at the shower, with everyone wanting a turn holding, breastfeeding breaks and so on.

My best friend was so gracious to host my shower at her home and help me with all of the details. I invited close friends and family with the cutest invitations from Vistaprint!


Balloons, garlands, bouquets,  cake, food and drinks! All of the planning for this event was so much fun to do. I love using Pinterest for inspiration and ideas to host a fun yet elegant shower. I had so many ideas, brunch or a high tea sort of deal was high on my list, as well as a casual, laid back, games and food kind of afternoon.

Decor: Decor is my absolute favourite part of any event, I had once dreamed of becoming an interior decorator actually! I was lucky enough to already have some of the items I needed for the shower, as well as finding good deals on used sites. Some, I did purchase through Amazon or at Walmart, and the flowers were from a local grocery store. I wanted to keep the theme pink and white with some greenery! Very in and elegent.

Food: The event was planned for the afternoon, so after lunch and before dinner sort of deal. I didn’t want to have a full sit down meal so I had prepped some veggie platters as well as fruit and some other hors devours.


Invitations and Registry: Vistaprint is my all time go to for invitations, holiday cards, business related products and more! They have such a wide range of gorgeous already made designs to choose from or you can make your own from the start. I had chosen an already made design that was fun and pretty but not too extravagent. As for the registry, I had searched many different sites that did registrys and not going to lie, it took me a while to find one with things that we needed for the baby as well as some cute items. I ended up making one with Babies R’ Us and it was so simple!


Games + Activities: I love planning fun games for guests to play and win some little prizes. There’s so many games to choose from, the ones I chose were; “don’t say baby”, “would she rather”, “how many m&m’s” and “remember what’s on the tray”

Some activities I had were “guess her birthdate” “late night diapers” and “name suggestions”

“remember what’s on the tray” game



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