Hospital bag checklists

2 years ago when I had my first son, I hadn’t really packed a hospital bag by the time we had gotten to the hospital. This time, I packed our bags at 34 weeks, just incase. The things I added to my hospital bag were things I wish I had brought to the hospital with my first child but didn’t as well as things I had with me. Having a bag ready is something a lot of mothers-to-be do before heading the hospital for one of the most important days of their lives. For me, I also think having a bag for the father-to-be and any siblings is a good idea. Having just a few easy things put together for the others can definitely make a difference in their stay.

When should I pack my hospital bag?

Everyone’s different! Some pack their bags at 30 weeks and some don’t pack until they’re on the way to the hospital! It’s really just personal preference! But I like to be prepared so I packed mine around 34 weeks

Do I need to bring diapers and wipes?

Ask your doctor, some hospitals supply diapers, wipes and pads for the mama but some don’t supply anything!

Having a bag packed for yourself and baby is a must, but what I did this time as well was packed a back for my son and my husband. I believe having these packed will definitely bring more comfort to them and myself knowing they have what they might need!

Packing a bag for my husband was an awesome idea, considering last time we had a baby he had none of his belongings with him. We were staying at a ski resort and he didn’t have time to grab his bags before rushing me to the hospital, find out why we had to rush here. Luckily our friends were able to drop off his stuff on their way back. All he had was his snow gear, including boots, for over 12 hours!

Some might find it silly to pack a bag for the other children as there is already so much going on, but if you are a parent of a toddler, then you know that having some snacks and an extra pair of clothes is a must!

Down below is a checklist for all of the things that are in my hospital bags, feel free to save it and use it for your own packing needs! Or share it with an expecting mama to be!



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