Prepping for baby #2; Frozen meal prep

When I found out we were expecting another baby, I almost immediately started planning. I had begun thinking about how we would set up the baby room (B and the baby would be sharing one room for a while) I was thinking about how my schedule would be and how I would be able to juggle a toddler, a newborn and making dinner/cleaning our home.

I had been browsing Pinterest and came across a mom that had prepared many different meals for dinner, popped them in the freezer and had ‘ready to be cooked’ meals. Brilliant right? I knew I wanted to do this before we welcome our baby girl into the world. So here I am, 34 weeks pregnant cooking up a storm in my kitchen. When I had my son in 2017, he was born at 35 weeks so with this baby, having 35 weeks come up so quickly, I had to get it all cooked and in the freezer before then, just in case.

Meals I’m making:

  • Lasagna
  • Chili
  • Chicken soup
  • Stew
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Shepards pie
  • Pancake mix

All of the one use casserole pans are from Walmart, and I covered them with tinfoil. However you can purchase ones with lid if you prefer! I’m quite picky when it comes to my groceries, I buy certain things like canned goods and some frozen items (berries for smoothies mostly)  at Walmart and all of my fresh produce and meat at Thrifty Foods, just a personal preference.

I spent a day shopping for all of the food, and the next day I spent 4 hours cooking and packaging it all. Having these all ready to go will hopefully make the trasition from one baby to two, a little easier.

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