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When we bought our first home in 2017, everything was functional and put together. However, it wasn’t as up to date as we would have liked, We knew we eventually wanted to start doing some renovations but as you may know, renovating a home, no matter which part, can be expensive and time consuming. For the first year and a half we hadn’t done any major renovations, until December 2018.

At first all we were changing was our vanity, ours didn’t have very much space and no drawers. Once the old vanity was out, J realized the floor was rotted out, only to find out most of the sub floor was rotten, which meant we had to replace it! Now usually when you renovate a home, especially one built in the 1950’s, you’re bound to run into some obstacles. In our case, we ran into a few obstacles over the course of the renovation. A rotted sub floor, a rotted wall behind the tub, and crazy bad plumbing, etc.. Thankfully my husband is a carpenter and knew exactly what to do in this situation.

After we had replaced the subfloor, we then needed to rebuild the wall behind the tub, and add in a pony wall for a shelf in the shower. Then we put down our vinyl flooring and whats next? Tile! Me and J both had totally different visions of how we wanted our shower to look, so we had a tough time agreeing on some tile. Eventually we chose a tile that we both agreed on and within 2 days, it was all installed!

Mouldings and baseboard trim were next. The original crown mouldings were still in perfect condition so why change it? We needed baseboard trim as well as a new liner for the window sill and door. Following that, we added some drywall, sanded and painted the whole bathroom! After the finishing carpentry was all done, it was time to decorate! My all time favourite part. I headed to Jysk to buy white towels, the dollarama to get baskets for the closet and a vase for some fresh flowers!


  • Remove vanity and toilet
  • Tear up floor(s)
  • Fix plumbing
  • Lay down new subfloor
  • Build wall behind tub + build pony wall
  • Install tub
  • Lay down vinyl flooring
  • Install trim
  • Dap and paint trim
  • Patch drywall
  • Sand + paint
  • Install vanity
  • Faucet, light fixture, mirror + backsplash
  • New door handles and hinges

During the renovation:

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  1. You guys are amazing! This is a good example of what often happens when you go to replace just one little fixture…..especially when it involves opening walls and floors….all kinds of surprises!

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