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June favourites

Hey everyone and welcome to my third ‘monthly favourites’ post! I love doing these. It’s an awesome way for my readers to discover new products and even try some out if they’d like! Comment down below if you’ve tried any of these and let me know what your favourites are for the month of June! 1) If you know me then you know I’m obsessed with mugs! I have a huge collection 😛 2) Almond milk & honey lotion from […]

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Monthly Favourites – April

How the heck is it almost May!? Where did April go!?!?! I’ve wanted to make this post for a while now, I’ve actually wanted to start doing a monthly favourites ‘series’ Every month I’ll share my favourites with you! ie; makeup, fragrances, food etc. Now that it’s nearing the end of April (holy cow, how is it almost May?! Where has the time gone!) I wanted to share things that I have been obsessed with, and almost using/wearing on a […]

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