Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here in Canada we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, although our American neighbours celebrate in November.  This year, we are having our family over at our house (on Sunday) and we’re all cooking yummy food together and spending the day listening to fun music & doing a puzzle! (Didn’t last long with Ben trying to eat all of the pieces!) Instead of just one person making, we each do a dish or two. It’s nice to […]

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Ringing in a new season

I love Autumn! It’s my all time favourite part of the year. After having such a hot Summer season, which sadly included hundreds of wildfires over the province I live in (British Columbia) It’s so nice to finally have cooler temperatures and less smoke throughout our cities.  When the clouds roll in and the rain starts to sprinkle down is when I get the most happy. As much as I do enjoy the nice weather we have during the warmer […]

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